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 Guidance for PNMs in Recruitment

What should I bring?

We encourage bringing a small bag or backpack where you can store your phone, a water bottle, and anything else you feel that you will need for recruitment. Days of recruitment are long and there are often breaks between parties for PNMs in the last three days of recruitment so we would encourage bringing something to pass the time. During parties, you are required to leave your bags outside but they are protected by 2-3 Rho Chis who remain with PNMs bags the entire time. Drinks are served every single day of recruitment by the chapters, but we encourage you to bring your own refreshments if you feel you would need it.

What should I wear?

We encourage PNMs to wear what makes them feel comfortable and confident in themselves during recruitment! This webpage here shows some examples of what to wear but is no means required. However, recruitment will increase in formality over the days so we recommend wearing your most formal outfit on Preference Night, the last day of recruitment. We also advise PNMs to be aware of wearing shoes that are comfortable to walk in as they go in between houses.

How Can I Have a Successful Recruitment?

We believe that the recipe of a successful recruitment is a positive mindset, being yourself, and focusing on what you want out of the Greek Experience. 


Going in with as little expectations as possible is what we encourage for PNMs, as expectations of recruitment do not often match up with the reality of the process. We recommend PNMs go in with a positive mindset that they’re going to meet dozens of amazing women at Cal and learn more about what being in a sorority at Cal is like. Anything that happens next is a bonus!


Being yourself is the most important thing that we believe is key for recruitment. In values-based recruitment, chapters want to know about you! Expect to spend a lot of time talking about yourself: your hobbies, your values, things that you’re passionate about, your goals, and why you want to join Greek Life. Chapters are looking to find members that would be able to positively add to their own sisterhood. Being yourself is the best way to help yourself and your chapters find the members that they wish to join their chapters, you want to join a chapter in which you feel the members value you and you can be your true self around them.


We encourage PNMs to think about why they want to be in Greek Life and a sorority in order to help them in this process and help them focus on what they want out of their Greek Experience. Factors that PNMs have prioritized in the past are: sisterhood, ways to make friends, academic support, opportunities for philanthropy, and leadership opportunities. These are ways that can help them narrow down chapters over the days and help them understand why a specific chapter would be a better choice for them.

2022 Fall Primary
Recruitment Orientation Presentation

2022 PNM Handbook

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