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Welcome to PHC!

My name is Alisha Mahajan and I am the Panhellenic Council President for 2024. My position has the honor and responsibility of representing almost two thousand PHC members in their interests and safety. Along with my other executive council members, I strive to benefit our community with programming, education, and membership enrichment that aligns with our core values.


Letter From the President

Hello everyone,


It is a pleasure to meet you and welcome you to UC Berkeley’s Panhellenic Council (PHC). With 13 sorority chapters and about 2000 members, we live out our four pillars of friendship, scholarship, leadership, and service in truly dynamic, varied ways. Our organization is home to the university's brightest academics, innovative researchers, dedicated athletes, budding businesswomen, and inspiring community activists at Berkeley. We are so excited and ready to meet our largest PNM class in years.


I joined a sorority during my freshman year in the midst of online classes, hoping to find a smaller community within this large college. I was the first in my family to even consider Greek life, and I was terrified of the process of joining and what my experience would be. However, I am eternally grateful I gave recruitment a chance on a whim - the professional and personal enrichment is beyond compare. I know I have joined a group of people I am confident will have my back in college and beyond.

I also want to acknowledge the work that Greek life at large has left to do. Greek life has historically been a racist, discriminatory institution and we are working actively to change this to ensure that we don't just provide lip service to diversity, equity, and inclusion but follow through with tangible action. We value and celebrate the multiplicity of your lived experiences and sincerely hope each of you will feel your most confident, comfortable selves in PHC. If you have questions, suggestions, or want a conversation, don't hesitate to contact me at

With Panhellenic love,

Alisha Mahajan


 Let's connect!

432 Eshlemen Hall

2465 Bancroft Way

Berkeley, CA



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