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As your executive board, we want to communicate our goals for this year to our community, so that you may hold us accountable for these goals and have the ability to let us know when we are failing or succeeding at achieving them.

Our goals include:


  1. Being patient with each other, both within the executive board and the entire community, because in times where we become impatient with each other, nothing gets done. We are purposefully made up of individuals that differ in opinion and background, but we want to be able to express and highlight our differences while being united in our decisions.

  2. Work on being the most inclusive and supportive group of womxn we can be. As a board, we want to prioritize educating our community on heavy issues, building awareness and providing resources, and striving toward overall progressiveness that is compatible with the ever-changing climate.  As a community that undoubtedly deals with issues of financial commitments and is historically exclusive, we as a council want to ensure the comfort and stability of every member to the best of our ability.

  3. Finally, in the coming year we want you to be expecting more effective risk management, stronger relationships with the other CalGreeks councils, and overall greater transparency on our behalf so you as a community and every potential new member have total access to every opportunity you deserve. We will strive to foster open communication through every decision, big or small, that affects the community. While we are bound by confidentiality in some regards, we also understand that information needs to be spread if it would affect our member chapters. As an executive council, we strive to be as open as possible in our decision-making process, and to spread important information throughout our community quickly and clearly.


These goals are broad, and may seem out of reach, but we as a board are ready to support each other through good and bad times, and help each chapter member and executive member be the best they can be. We look forward to leading this community throughout 2022-- and as always, GO BEARS, and GO GREEK!

For interviews or general inquiries, please email Alisha Mahajan at:
For general inquiries, please email Jamie Say at:
For any inquiries regarding recruitment, please email Julia Thomson at:
Have a different question? Visit our Executive Council Page for information on specific officers to contact.
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