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ADDRESS: 2732 Channing Way Berkeley, CA 94704​





COLORS: Light and Dark Brown (Brown and Mode)

SYMBOLS: Crescent Moon, Pink Carnation

MEMBERSHIP: Gamma Phi Beta is an organization that is rooted in fraternal values and is committed to the promotion of inclusion among our members. Any woman shall be eligible for membership, provided she is not, and has not been, an initiated member of an existing National Panhellenic Conference fraternity/sorority. Gamma Phi Beta seeks individuals for membership who aspire to live our Core Values of Love, Labor, Learning and Loyalty and want to achieve individual worth, intellectual growth, service to humanity and lifetime commitment to our sisterhood.


In an effort to give meaning to the concept of an “all-women” sorority and to give guidance to those making decisions about eligibility for membership, the word “woman” should be interpreted as anyone who identifies as a woman.


MOTTO: Founded on a rock

"Since the rock is the firmest and most enduring substance, able to withstand the ravages of time, and offering the strongest protection, it seemed fitting that Gamma Phi Beta should be thus founded." – Founder E. Adeline Curtis (Syracuse, 1874)


SCHOLARSHIP: Gamma Phi Beta Foundation offers scholarships and fellowships annually, recognizing merit and/or need. Eta Chapter at UC Berkeley Chapter has a significant, dedicated endowment that guarantees Eta member applicants are eligible for those funds.


ADA ACCESSIBILITY:  The Gamma Phi Beta house, designed in 1934 by renowned architect and UC Berkeley and MIT professor William Wurster, houses 55 women. While every bedroom in the Gamma Phi house is only accessible by stairs, our common spaces downstairs are all ADA accessible. This includes the TV room, the living room, the house director’s office, library, conference room and the dining room. 


LEGACIES AND LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION: Gamma Phi Beta members are encouraged to fill out Introductions for Potential New Members that they believe would be a good fit for these chapters. These introductions do not guarantee membership in the chapter.

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