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Financial Information

Being in Greek Life is a financial investment, but one that carries many advantages and benefits for those that participate in it.


Below details the prices of dues three categories for members in each chapter. These are the dues of New Members, members who live in chapter property ("Live Ins"), and members who live out of chapter property ("Live Outs") in 2021-2022 in order to give an idea of what the financial commit of Greek life is. Dues are paid by the semester in a series of installments.


If you are a New Member, you will not be paying the New Member dues the entire year but rather New Member dues your first semester and live-out dues your second semester. New Member dues are slightly more expensive the first semester they are a member due to various one-time fees that occur when they join a chapter.


Our chapter houses are able to offer competitive monthly rents that are below the Berkeley average in the Southside location and include meals and amenities like laundry and study rooms. Live-In dues not only cover rent, but food, assorted living in fees, and chapter dues. Most houses carry some kind of live-in requirement (either a year or two years) that is expected to completed as a condition of membership. We encourage PNMs to talk to chapters about this on Sisterhood Day during house tours. 

Scholarships are offered both by PHC and individual chapters themselves. If you would like to read more about the scholarships that PHC offers, please visit the Scholarships Page. All chapters have their own scholarship programs for their members that operate at various tiers. However, many of those required members to be in the chapter for some kind of minimum length of time. Details of each chapter's own scholarships offerings is available in the Chapter Directory


In order to better understand these numbers, please compare these costs to the Cost of Attendance of a UC Berkeley student provided by the University, where they state that the cost of Room and Board/Housing and Food for a student living in On-campus housing is $18,292 and Off-campus housing is $15,026 for the academic year. In contrast, the average room and board for living-in in a chapter house for an academic year is $9,727.40.

We hope this information will help to provide some transparency when making financial decisions. If you have questions about scholarships or finances in general, please reach out to our PHC President, at or PHC VP of Membership at

2023-2024 Dues for PHC Sororities



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