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ADDRESS: 2409 Warring St Berkeley, CA 94704​





COLORS: Maroon, Lavender

SYMBOLS: Dove, Heart

MOTTO: One Heart, One Way

PHILANTHROPY: Alzheimer's Association


MEMBERSHIP POLICIES: Sigma Kappa - Lambda Chapter welcomes any individual who consistently lives and identifies as a woman, who qualifies for membership under the Panhellenic Bylaws, and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree at the University of California Berkeley. In addition, this individual needs to hold a high school GPA of at least 2.8 or at least 2.5 college GPA. Under these circumstances an individual shall be eligible to be pledged as a member of Sigma Kappa Sorority at UC Berkeley.

LEGACY AND LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION: Sigma Kappa does not take into account a legacy’s status during recruitment. Sigma Kappa Alumnae are encouraged to fill out Reference forms for young women entering college that are interested in joining the sorority community. These forms are not a guarantee of anything during the recruitment process and are not required.

ADA ACCESSIBILITY: Due to the construction and architecture of our home being built in 1936, we are very limited in regards to accessibility. As a private club we are not required to be ADA compliant. We are unable to offer any live in options or arrangements for anyone requiring ADA accessibility at this time. Sigma Kappa Sorority House at UC Berkeley is able to welcome guests and visitors who require ADA accessibility only through the top of the courtyard and as far as the top of the dining room. Our house also has a small ramp for assistance. Individuals needing ADA accessibility can enter our home through the side of our home on Channing Way. This is a paved and flat pathway that allows access to our top patio.

SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: Sigma Kappa Foundation is pleased to offer scholarships for academic expenses to undergraduate students. Sigma Kappa members in good standing with the organization, as well as new members provided they are initiated and in good standing by the application review period in March, are all eligible. Applications are accepted December 1st- February 1st. Mid- April are when decisions are released and scholarship checks are distributed June 30th.

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