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ADDRESS: 2300 Warring St. Berkeley, CA 94704





COLORS: Silver, Gold, Cerulean Blue

SYMBOLS: Pearl, Pine, Pansy

MOTTO: Let us steadfastly love one another.

PHILANTHROPY: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital


MEMBERSHIP POLICIES: Tri Delta follows the Panhellenic statement of member eligibility and accepts any person who identifies as a womxn or has the spirit of a womxn. In line with our national policies, Tri Delta openly welcomes and accepts anyone who identifies as a womxn. We do not discriminate on any basis other than gender in selection of members and do not discriminate on the basis of ethnic heritage, national origin, personal appearance, personal beliefs, race, mental or physical ability, religion or sexual orientation. In addition, every Tri Delta member must maintain a grade point average of at least 2.5 for each grading period, including summer. If a member is below the minimum GPA requirement, she will meet with the Academic Chair to set up and complete an academic plan. In regards to transfer students who are already initiated into a different Tri Delta chapter, any member who is in good standing with Tri Delta nationally can transfer and affiliate with UC Berkeley Tri Delta at any time.

LEGACIES AND LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION: While we recognize and celebrate legacy relationships when family members join our sisterhood, Tri Delta does not give preferential treatment to those with family connections/legacies during the recruitment process. While references are no longer required for membership, they do help to identify women who are interested in Tri Delta membership. Tri Delta members in good standing can use the form linked on our website under “References and Referrals” to introduce a potential new member after signing in to your My Tri Delta account.

ADA ACCESSIBILITY: The Tri Delta house, the first house on campus to be built specifically tailored for a sorority, houses 73 women. While every bedroom in the Tri Delta house is only accessible by stairs, our common spaces downstairs are all ADA accessible. This includes the TV room, the living room, the house director’s office, the solarium, and the dining room. There is a ramp right in front of our front door to access the downstairs spaces. We also have a bedroom in the lower wing of our house that can be accommodated for DSP (Disabled Students’ Program) purposes.

SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: As a member of Tri Delta, members can apply for the Tri Delta Undergraduate Scholarship, which is meant to alleviate some of the financial burden of paying for Tri Delta dues on top of school tuition. For our chapter in particular, we have the ability to apply to the Gabriel Jackson Renstrom Scholarship as well as the Carolyn Valoria Scholarship, both of which are always awarded to a member in our own Pi Chapter. Aside from the scheduled scholarships previously mentioned, members always have the ability to apply to the Crescent Fund Program, which provides emergency assistance to members facing unforeseen financial hardship.

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