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As one of the four pillars of the CalGreeks community, scholarship plays an important role in every Panhellenic womxn’s life. Our chapters seek to provide women with the resources they need to thrive academically, including compiled study materials, professional development workshops, and scholarship opportunities.


Panhellenic offers events and opportunities like Panhellenic Study Hours, PHC Scholar of the week, and PHC Profressional  provide our women with opportunities to enhance their educational experiences while also making new connections within the community. Our continued emphasis on scholarship explains why the all Panhellenic Cumulative GPA (3.6 in Fall 2021) remains consistently higher than the All Cal Cumulative GPA (3.4 in Fall 2021).

For more information on chapter specific scholarships, click here to visit our chapter directory. For information on the scholarships Panhellenic offers, click here to visit our scholarships page.

Panhellenic Takes Our Members to New Heights

Our Panhellenic womxn are outstanding in the classroom and outside of it in their academic pursuits. Along with achieving excellence in their grades, our members are researchers in labs a the forefront of their fields, USGI's (Undergraduate Student Instructors), and teach their own courses through the DeCal Program


PHC womxn intern and later work for places like Visa, MSB, Deloitte, Accenture, Google, JP Morgan, UBS, USBC, Tesla, Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Youtube,


Our members are action-makers on every level of our government, applying their leadership and excellence for local governments, Senators, Representatives, Departments, the White House, and agencies like the FBI, CIA, and the NSA.

Some PHC womxen choose to continue their education and top-ranked universities pursing Law and Medical Degrees. Others undertake masters and PhDs in almost every field, from chemistry, to math, to public policy, to teaching, and to business.


Panhellenic By The Numbers














If you have questions about academics or scholarship opportunities, please reach out to our VP of Scholarship, at



Panhellenic GPA in Fall 2021 (UC Berkeley Campus wide GPA was 3.4)

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