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Risk Management Resources

Cal Panhellenic strives to create a community that is free of sexual violence and sexual harassment (SVSH). While we are constantly searching for ways to improve by implementing better preventative measures and support services, we recognize that sexual violence is still present within this community. If you or anyone you know has experienced sexual violence or harassment, know that you are not alone and that there are support resources available to you at all times. 

Whatever way a survivor chooses to respond to their experience is entirely valid. Regardless of if, when, and how a survivor chooses to share their story, PHC is dedicated to offering support through that process. If you or anyone you know has experienced sexual violence or harassment within the Cal Greeks community, please feel free to reach out to the PHC Vice President of Risk Management, Sydney Loura, at or (925) 322-9443 with any questions, concerns, or for more information. 

PHC maintains a survivor-centric approach when supporting survivors of SVSH. We believe that everyone deserves to feel safe and respected when reporting their experiences. A survivor can report to UCB Panhellenic, to the Police, to the University, all, or none at all—any decision by the survivor is to be respected and supported. 

Reporting Resources:


The list below can be used to help decide which reporting option is right for you.

Risk Management and Reporting Options


Organizations like the Berkeley PATH to Care Canter can help you understand your reporting options and can offer support services. Confidential advocates help survivors by providing affirming, empowering, free, and confidential care.


Reporting to the university through the OPHD office may result in an investigation. If an investigation occurs, OPHD issues a report sent to Student Conduct to determine non-criminal sanctions. Cases are typically resolved within 90 days.


Reporting to the Police may result in a criminal investigation and criminal sanction. Survivors have the option to suspend an investigation at any time. Investigation length may vary.


Reporting to PHC may result in the removal of an IFC chapter from the PHC social calendar. There is no formal investigation and reports are never shared with the university or police.


For More Information About Reporting


For more information on PATH to Care services, please visit To schedule an appointment with an advocate call: 510-642-1988 

If you need urgent support, call the care line at: 510-643-2005



To report to the Berkeley Office for the Prevention of Harassment & Discrimination, please visit



In an emergency, dial 911 

To contact the University of California Police Department (UCPD): 510-642-6760 or visit



If you would like to report to PHC, please feel free to contact PHC Vice President of Risk Management, Sydney Loura at: or (925) 322-9443. You can also report to your individual sorority chapter President or Risk chair.

Why Should I Report to PHC? What is the PHC Social Calendar?

Attached below is a message from the PHC Vice President of Risk Management, Sydney Loura. This letter is intended to inform all Cal Greeks members about the PHC social calendar and how risk-related reports are addressed in our community. 






Process of Reporting to PHC

Brown Pastel Flowchart Diagram Graph Template.jpg
To Report to PHC

Option 1: Reach out to Sydney Loura, PHC VP of Risk Management:
(925) 322-9443

Option 2: Use the PHC Anonymous Reporting Form 
The PHC Risk AnonymousReporting form is a great option if you do not feel comfortable speaking directly with your chapter's Risk Manager or President. The responses to this form are completely anonymous (unless you state otherwise in your response) and are only sent to the PHC VP of Risk Management.






Option 3: Report to your chapter leadership and have them reach out to the PHC VP of Risk Management.

Other Resources

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