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Welcome back Golden Bears!


Panhellenic will be hosting an information session about Spring COB on Facebook Live and Instagram Live

On behalf of the University of California, Berkeley's Panhellenic Council community, I am excited to announce the beginning of Cal's Spring 2022 Informal Recruitment! Recruitment events are organized and coordinated by each chapter individually for the purpose of membership intake. Chapters are not required to participate in spring recruitment and the schedule of spring recruitment events is posted below. Unlike Fall Formal Recruitment, Spring Informal Recruitment (or "COB-Continuous Open Bidding") does not require any kind of registration. 

The following chapters are eligible to participate in Spring COB:

This information is not yet available, please check back on January 18th!


For general questions or concerns about either Spring or Fall Panhellenic recruitment, please feel free to contact me at  For questions about specific chapters, please contact the head recruitment chair for the respective chapters.

Thank you,

Cecilia Crowley

Panhellenic Council Vice President of Membership 2022

2022 Spring Recruitment Opportunities

Please fill out this form or reach out to if you have any questions! 

More information posted on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Follow us @calphc!

Frequently Asked Questions

What format is Spring Recruitment?
It will be through Continuous Open Bidding (COB) where chapters and Potential New Members (PNMs) connect directly to pursue the possibility of membership in a chapter. 

Who will be participating in COB? 
Not all chapters participate in Spring Recruitment, but on January 18th the chapters participating in COB will be announced and the chapters themselves will post more information about their individual recruitment events. 

Will these events be in-person or virtual?
That will be up to the chapters themselves to decide individually, as COB is a chapter focused process with each member of our PHC community running their own recruitment process that fits their goals. 

What is the timeline for COB?
Chapters will be able to reach out to those interested on January 18th and will be holding events throughout January and February. 


How do I participate in a chapter’s COB process?

@calphc on Instagram will announce the chapters that are going through the COB process and tag the Instagram accounts of each chapter, where we suggest you reach out to each chapter individually. If you have filled out this form through the LEAD center, you will also receive information about contact information regarding recruitment for each house. Then, each chapter will be able to individually tell you about the recruitment events that they will be offering and when and where they will be. 


Can I go to COB events for multiple chapters? 

Yes, you can attend the events of multiple chapters and possibly even receive multiple bids. However, you can only accept a bid from one chapter. 


What does the Spring Recruitment Process look like? 

Usually a PNM and a chapter will connect, and the PNM will have the chance to meet some members of the chapter in an informal setting and both parties will have a chance to get to know each other better. Shortly after, the chapter will decide whether or not to extend the bid. If the bid is extended, the PNM will have to sign an MRABA in order to join the chapter. Then, the PNM will become a part of that chapter’s New Member Class for Spring 2022. 


I participated in Fall Primary Recruitment, but I dropped out. Can I still participate? 

Yes! The only thing that would bar one from joining a chapter this semester was if they signed an MRABA (Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement) on Preference Night during recruitment. If you are unsure or wanted to check please email


I’m worried about recruitment, any advice?

Be yourself, you want to be in a chapter who loves you for who you really are. 


Any more questions or concerns? 

Email Cecilia at


Acronyms in Spring Recruitment 


COB (Continuous Open Bidding): An informal Spring Recruitment process that is chapter run, as chapters hold their own recruitment events in order to form New Member classes. 


PHC (Panhellenic Community): A governing body made up of 12 NPC (National Panhellenic Council) chapters, and 1 Affiliate chapter. PHC is the governing body for all NPC sororities on the UC Berkeley campus, including oversight for recruitment. 


MRABA (Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement): A binding agreement that is signed at the completion of recruitment in order for a potential new member to accept the bid received. The MRABA allows one to join the chapter that they received a bid from, but they have waived their right to go through PHC recruitment for one calendar year. 

PNM (Potential New Member): Someone who is going through the recruitment process and is not currently a member of the PHC Community, but would like to. 


New Member: A member of a chapter who joined in the most recent recruitment cycle.

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