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Benefits of Greek Life

Being in Greek Life carries benefits in scholarship, service, friendship, and leadership.


In the Fall of 2021, we had a 3.6 PHC wide GPA (In Fall the school's semester GPA was a 3.4), highlighting our community's commitment to academics. Of our 1300 members of PHC, 35% are double majors, 65% are majoring in a STEM field, and 35% are involved in research at Cal. In PHC, you will be able to find the academic support that you need to succeed in your coursework through the encouragement of your sisters and resources offered, like study tables and study files. 7% of our PHC members are part of the Regents Program at Berkeley. To recognize our PHC sisters that are dedicated in their coursework and academic pursuits, PHC and chapters offer academic-focused scholarships.


At each chapter's moral coral is its philanthropy, which is unique to each chapter. However, chapters still raise money for local causes, including Jog for Jill and local programs serving students and POC in the Bay Area. PHC has raised tens of thousands of dollars for over thirty years. However, services are not limited to financial support but also work at these programs. PHC members contribute to bettering the local community through tutoring and mentoring programs for local students, trash cleanups, and recycling programs.


In Cal PHC, our members find friends for life. They will have the opportunity to take part in the unique relationship between members of a sorority: sisterhood. These bonds last for life, and our alumnae and current students speak at length about how the Greek experience benefited them. Many alumnae have remained on as advisors for the same chapters they were members of when they attended UC Berkeley! Being in a sorority offers the experience of a smaller community within a larger one, a community that offers love and support. Cal is a large school, which is often intimidating. Sororities over ways to connect with people with similar interests, goals, and values. Many PHC alumnae cite their participation in sorority life as a formative part of thier college experience.


Our members of PHC are leaders in the classroom, on the field, in the classroom, and in their communities. 11.5% are members of the ASUC, which is UC Berkeley’s student government and hold positions in which they advocate for bills and movements to benefit the student population. The majority of our members are involved in causes and organizations that they are passionate about, whether that be Division 1 athletics, activism, research, and their own businesses. If one wishes to be involved in their chapter, there are a variety of organizations that offer this opportunities. One could hold an executive position in their chapter, be a member of Panhellenic Exec, or a CalGreeks organization, which seeks to solve common programs with other members of Greek organizations (Greeks Against Sexual Assault, Greening with the Greeks, and Queeks)

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