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Recruitment Schedule

Fall Primary Recruitment 2022 will run from August 25th to August 30th, and attached below is the daily schedule of what time each day starts and ends. On Sisterhood, Philanthropy, and Preference Night, PNMs will have breaks in their schedules and shouldn’t expect to be going to recruitment parties the entire day. There are lunch breaks during Sisterhood and Philanthropy, as well as a a fifteen minute break between each party.


If a PNM has a conflict and will be unable to attend a recruitment event, they will fill out the PNM Conflict Form that has been sent to all registered PNMs.

Each day of recruitment has different expectations for PNMs and what they should anticipate happening. Check out the detailed outline on the Recruitment Schedule Page. The following outlines what occurs each day and how a PNM can expect a day to go.


PNM Orientation: This will involve a presentation on PHC about what PHC is and an outline of Fall Primary Recruitment. Then, Rho Chis will meet their individual Rho Chi Groups (RC Groups) of about 20 PNMs to talk in a more intimate setting about recruitment and answer questions.


Unity Day 1: This is the first day of recruitment, where all PNMs will meet six of our thirteen chapters in 25 minute parties. They will be meeting their Rho Chi Group at Krober Fountain and then visiting each house with their Rho Chi Group.


Unity Day 2: On the second day of recruitment, PNMS will meet the remaining seven chapters. After their last chapter, they will walk with their RC group to a classroom where they will make their first selection. PNMs will list the three chapters that they wish to be released from, or no longer visit that house in the recruitment process. However, PNMs could still be invited to chapters that they have released on previous days and are still expected to attend. Recruitment is a mutually-selective process, so the decisions of chapters and PNMs is weighted in the algorithm’s decision to generate who gets invited to each day and when.


Sisterhood Day: At the beginning of Sisterhood Day, PNMs will meet at Krober Fountain across from Strada and find their Rho Chi, who will give them their Sisterhood Day Schedule. PNMs will usually not have a full schedule of parties, and could have breaks in their schedule. On this day and the following three days, PNMs are expected to get themselves to houses on time for parties. We encourage getting to a house 10 minutes before the party starts so Rho Chis can take attendance. If a PNM is lost or confused on the location of a house, please ask any Rho Chis that are sitting in front of any chapter house, they will be able to direct you to the correct location. After the last party, PNMs will again make their way to MLK Auditorium where they will again list the houses that they wish to be released from their recruitment experience. Parties on this day last 35 minutes and include a house tour.


Philanthropy DayThe same process happens for this day as Sisterhood Day, as PNMs will meet their Rho Chis at Kroger Fountain to receive their schedules and be expected to be at houses on time for parties. The subject matter of the causes that our houses dedicate themselves too often is emotional and hits close to home for many of our PNMs. We encourage communicating to the sisters that you are speaking to at a party if you need some space. Our chapters understand and offer resources for those that need it. At the end of this day, PNMs will make the difficult choice of ranking which two chapters that they wish to attend for Preference Night. These are the two that they most see themselves contributing positively to the existing chapter.


Preference Night: On Preference Night, PNMs will receive their evening’s schedule at Kroger Fountain. After they have attended their two parties and the night is over, all PNMs will make their way to MLK Auditorium where they will make their choice for what house they wish to receive a bid from. PNMs will be expected to sign the MRABA, which is a document in which they revoke their right to go through recruitment for one full calendar year in order to receive a bid the next day from one of the two houses that they attended on Preference Night. If a PNM lists two chapters on their MRABA, they will be guaranteed a bid the next day. If they choose to drop that chapter after Bid Day, they will not be allowed to participate in Recruitment until Fall 2023.


Bid Day: This is the most exciting and fun day of recruitment in which PNMs will find out what chapter they received a Bid from and join in the festivities. All PNMs, Rho Chis, members of PHC, and representatives of each chapter will be in attendance in lower Sproul. There, Rho Chis will distribute bids to their Rho Chi Group and then at 6:30 all PNMs will be allowed to open them. After, each chapter processes in and then leads their New Members back to their house for Bid Day!

Daily Schedule for Fall Primary Recruitment 2022

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