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Recruitment Rules and Expectations

Fall Primary Recruitment has rules for both chapters and PNMs throughout the process. These are detailed in the 2023 Recruitment Rules and Procedures, which is accessible here. This is amended every year and voted upon by the chapters in order to decide how recruitment should be run for that calendar year.


I would like to draw my attention to the PNM Bill of Rights, here, which guarantees PNMs the right to a recruitment process in which they are fully informed, allowed to make decisions independently, and be treated with respect and fairness during this process. If any of these rights are being broken, the path is to speak to a Rho Chi or a member of PHC, which will handle the situation. The identity of the PNM if they chose to report behavior that they or others experienced, would be anonymous to the chapters and others. Depending on the severity of the action, this would take the path of a conversation between a chapter and PHC, or a formal recruitment inflation being filed which would be settled after Formal Recruitment is over. If the PNM rights of you or someone you know are being broken, please contact Allison Mays at


One of the most popular recruitment infractions that is experienced during Fall Primary Recruitment is Bid Promising, or when members of a chapter convey to a PNM that they are guaranteed a bid. This can take the form of outright promising that a PNM will be a member of the chapter to insinuating that a PNM will return the following day. Any promises, phrases, or hints that a PNM will return to a chapter the following day for a party or a bid is forbidden by the Recruitment Rules and Procedures. The chapters have been instructed on these protocols. Bid Promising is damaging because it hurts PNMs and chapters by engaging in the fair and equitable process of values-based recruitment. If this happens to you or someone you know, please speak to your Rho Chi or a member of PHC.

PNMs also have responsibility and appropriate behavior to enact during recruitment. They are required to attend every single party that they have been invited too. If they do not attend a party without a valid excuse, there will be repercussions including being removed from the recruitment process. Excuses for the schedule are discussed in the Schedule of Recruitment Section! PNMs are also expected to treat chapters and members of PHC with respect both during and outside of parties in interactions and conversations. Any concerning behavior will be discussed on a case-by-case basis and could possibly result in a PNM’s removal from recruitment.

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